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Hypnotherapy Counselling & Hypnosis Training in Red Deer, Alberta

The Excel Center specializes in helping their clients with a wide range of self-improvement and counseling needs through their counseling services, hypnotherapy & hypnosis training. The center’s experts, Alan Eastman, DCH, PhD, and Ruth Eastman, MCHt. Couns. dip. can help provide clients with the assistance they need to pursue their goals of quitting smoking, confronting their issues with anxiety and even help managing pain or assisting with weight loss.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 403-347-9019 or 1-888-686-6163.

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The proactive and progressive approach employed by the Excel Center helps clients achieve their goals in a comfortable, professional and relaxed environment at their Red Deer, Alberta, office. The center also provides clients with quick and deep relaxation therapies, depression counselling and assistance with managing and overcoming panic attacks.

Since 1997, the Excel Center has helped countless clients through hypnotherapy and counselling services, and the center’s specialists are dedicated to helping all clients with their self-improvement and/or educational needs. The center offers private sessions for their clients, in addition to a number of home-use CDs, ongoing certification courses, and even assistance for those looking to establish their own hypnotherapy business.

Alan R. Eastman, BA, MA, DCH. PHD
Mental Health Therapist and Counselor.

Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Graduated in 1997.

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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, T4N-1S8.
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