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Self Hypnosis CDs for Weight Loss, Quitting Smoking, Depression & More, Red Deer, Alberta

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Self-Hypnosis Audio CDs for Weight Loss, Quitting Smoking & Depression
Self Hypnosis Audio Series
Our Price: $10.00

This CD is specially formatted to be a very simple guide for your self-hypnosis sessions. This CD works for beginners and advanced practitioners. Alan R. Eastman, DCH, guides you through the process of self-relaxation and formulating autosuggestions. You can use this CD as a guide to program your mind to achieve all the positive and wonderful changes you would like to make. Or, you may just use this CD when you would like to relax at anytime throughout the day.
Relaxation CDs before Events
10 min Relaxation CD
Our Price: $10.00

This CD is a 10 minute quick relaxation CD which utilizes all the special techniques developed by Alan R. Eastman, DCH. This quick relaxer can be used before speaking engagements, dates, presentations, exams, sports events, and anytime you need a quick break during your day. The 10 minutes of relaxation produced by listening to this CD is similar to 1 hour of sleep. You will wake recharged ready to take charge of your event, go back to work with a new found energy, and reduce any stress you may be experiencing throughout your day.
Deepest Relaxation 2 CD Pkg
Our Price: $30.00

This audio CD is formatted so that you can use it whenever you need an instant mental vacation. Let Dr. Eastman's voice guide you into just the right level of relaxation very quickly. Control your stress levels instantly and take a break. There are two programs on this CD a 10 minute quick relaxation hypnosis session and a 30 minute hypnosis session which we call "Deepest Relaxation."
Stop Smoking 4 CD Pkg
Our Price: $70.00

Do you want to quit smoking today easily and effortlessly? Then this hypnosis audio program is for you! Your subconscious mind will be presented with imagery and suggestions that make it easy for you to become a non-smoker. You simply listen to each CD in the program once a day for one week. There is nothing else to do, nothing to take, nothing to write down, and no annoying aversion therapies. With the "Non-Smoker Forever" method developed by Alan R. Eastman, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, you utilize guided imagery through hypnosis to achieve wonderful results. Think about your future right now and imagine how wonderful your life will be when you are living life as a non-smoker. This hypnosis program is the best tool on the market for help without pills, patches, and without the side effects of drugs.
Hypnotic Music 10 CD Pk
Our Price: $99.00

Has anyone ever told you that you just need to relax? Have you ever been taught how to relax your body and mind? If not, then this audio program is for you. The "Deep Relaxation" program is presented on compact disc. The relaxation and guided imagery sessions are designed to guide you into just the right state of relaxation through guided imagery, relaxation, and hypnosis techniques.
Slim & Trim Weight Loss 8 CD Pkg
Our Price: $150.00

Your belief systems which may be holding you back from achieving your desired body image can be changed to healthy and empowering beliefs and actions. Through hypnosis you change bad eating habits into positive beliefs and actions. You will be given suggestions which override any thoughts and beliefs about food and exercise that once limited you. Your old eating patterns and behaviors will begin to change into healthy, positive patterns and behaviors. These suggestions reach the level of your subconscious mind and allow you to begin to want to eat healthy foods and begin to enjoy exercise. It is time for you to take control back into your life. Do so now with our Slim and Trim Hypnosis Audio Series
Eliminate Anxiety & Depression Audio Series, 10 CD'S
Our Price: $249.00

There are thousands upon thousands of people who suffer in silence from stress, tension, worries, anxiety, fears, panic, serious depression, and other related disorders. Now there is something you can do about it! With our audio program you can get help, and help yourself, on your own time and in a comfortable surrounding. This program has been very carefully designed to bring you the best of cognitive behavioral reconditioning, guided imagery, positive suggestions, and the powerful technique of hypnosis. Dr. Alan Eastman, DCH, will be introducing you to the concepts that can begin to change your life for the better. This program incorporates relaxation, and guided imagery through hypnosis and positively based suggestions. Right now you might feel that you are struggling minute by minute, and day by day, with the symptoms of anxiety, panic, stress, or depression, through our programs we can help. Take action today to change your life into a future of positive growth and happiness. It is possible!