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QRAS   10 min Relaxation CD
DHCC   Basic to Advanced Distance Hypnotherapy Certification Course
BAMHC   Basic to Advanced Master Hypnosis Course
MHC   Basic to Master Hypnotist Course Distance Learning
DERAS   Deepest Relaxation 2 CD Pkg
EADAS   Eliminate Anxiety & Depression Audio Series, 10 CD'S
DRAS   Hypnotic Music 10 CD Pk
OHPC   One Hour Phone Session
SHAS   Self Hypnosis Audio Series
STWL   Slim & Trim Weight Loss 8 CD Pkg
SYOHBK   Starting Your Own Hypnotherapy Business Kit
SSTHAS   Stop Smoking 4 CD Pkg
WEHCC   Weekend Excelerated Hypnotherapy Certification Course

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